The Fairy Godmother of To-Do Lists

I wish someone could tell me my future.  I don’t need to know it all, or even see that far ahead, but each day feels like a blank, white wall, which could feel like a fresh start but instead feels vague and unclear.

My dad’s step-grandmother was clairvoyant, but in the most practical ways:  knowing who called before answering the phone and locating lost jewelry just by talking with the owner (the ring was in the wastebasket to the left of the desk).

Gram died before I existed, but when my mom was pregnant with me, Gram came to her in a dream and told her she’d have a girl, and that girl would “be just like me.”

My mom feared this meant I’d be stubborn; I’ve always hoped for clairvoyance.  However, considering my total lack of discernment in my own life, I have yet to see how I resemble Gram.

However, I don’t recall any stories about Gram seeing her own path in life.  Maybe it’s easier to predict other people’s lives.  Their patterns stand out more than our own, and listening carefully reveals what others yearn for even when they don’t describe it directly.  It’s easier to believe in other people’s potential too, in their capability, mostly due to wanting the best for others, but also because the day-to-day effort of baby steps, stumbling blocks, and leaping off cliffs stays invisible; we see only the golden achievement.

If someone could tell me my future, I’d rather not know what’s going to happen but what I ought to be doing today and tomorrow to prepare and get me there.

If my actions today largely shape my future, I’d like some celestial guidance as I create my to-do list. A fairy godmother of the to-do list!



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One Response to The Fairy Godmother of To-Do Lists

  1. Rose L. says:

    Sometimes I wish I could foresee the future so I could be prepared. Sometimes life is like traveling down a pathway that is foggy in some places and you are not sure you want to continue to see what lies beyond.

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