Recommittment & Celebrating Consistent Effort

After my last post, I’ve continued thinking about baby steps, how–with patience and time–they add up. And, since July, I’ve tried to spend a little time every day on writing/art, exercise, and meditation.

In the past, I would have considered my efforts a failure after missing a day or two. However, now that it’s nearly November, I’m sure I’ve spent time on those three things more days than not. That means I’ve accomplished a lot more by now than if I’d quit completely after one failed day as I’ve done before.

Today, I had to fill out a health questionnaire, which is a little aggravating because there weren’t options to choose like, “Totally satisfied the way I am, thanks.” The program assumes you need to improve something.

Well, it did find me overweight, and gave me tips about exercise and eating that were not a big surprise (and annoying since I’d already said I don’t eat dairy, but it warned me against too much cheese and other milk products). Nevertheless, in the most unlikely of places, I found wisdom:

A little bit of consistent effort can go a long way toward helping you reach your goals. Set small benchmarks and celebrate success. 

Just yesterday, I re-committed to “consistent effort” by promising myself I’ll spend a few minutes a day on writing, art, exercise, and meditation.  Nothing new, but this time there’s a twist: I want to “celebrate success.” The idea first came from Susan DeFreitas’s blog post here, and then as you can see above, my “weight management” pages suggested celebrating when I reach small benchmarks.

So, here’s my first benchmark: to commit at least a few minutes each day to my four projects (writing, art, exercise, meditation), every day of the week, through the end of November.

If all four projects get attention every day with very few exceptions, I’ve succeeded. So…

How should I celebrate?

I honestly can’t think of anything. I mean … I’d fly to Hawai’i for a month, but I think “small benchmarks” warrant “reasonable celebrations,” yes? Coffee and chocolate are out because I indulge in those every day and don’t plan to stop (regardless of what my weight management tips tell me)!

Last night, I fell asleep imagining a mini writing & art exhibit in my living room for my pet turtle and husband, then take out and watching some shows. That’s my favorite idea so far.

How would you celebrate? Or, how do you celebrate? Is this commemorating of small benchmarks something you’ve already done? I’d love to hear a few stories. Also, is a celebration the same thing as a reward? Or, are they different?

I look forward to your posts, emails, and FB messages. Thanks for reading!!

Right after writing this post, I took a walk and stopped by the Bamboo Pole I wrote about recently, and once again, it’s right on the nose about “consistent effort,” eh?

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6 Responses to Recommittment & Celebrating Consistent Effort

  1. Great post! So glad to provide a bit of inspiration. I’d celebrate by getting yourself some new music or a book or something small but fun off of Etsy. Or dinner at a restaurant you’ve been dying to try. But hey, that’s just me! =)

  2. heatherseattle says:

    omg trista – i fell in love with you all over again when you mentioned the mini writing and art exhibit. seriously – you’re the coolest. my other fave part – “totally satisfied with the way I am, thanks!” – THE BEST. i love everything about this post – the concept, the thoughts, all of it and it remotivates me. Thanks for writing for us! xoxo ps i’ll think about how i would celebrate and what my small benchmarks even would be. LOVE this.

  3. Rose L. says:

    Oh, I know–reward yourself with a relaxation massage! I am doing that each month. I do not do something to get the reward. I feel I deserve to treat myself once a month!!
    Now once I get settled into my new home (still waiting) I will set goals for writing and photography. Actually, I keep doing the photography but have not really written much. Maybe if I plan a very nice reward that I cannot have until I complete 4 poems. At present my mind has been so involved in selling old home, seeking and finding the new one, working on the purchase (which is taking wayyyyy too long), packing all my items I kept, selling all I did not want anymore, and now planning how I will decorate it once I get possession (which may be next week). I have already bought a Country Victorian style 3 piece couch set, 2 chairs with wood carving, and a table. I am so excited!!

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