Going Big: an update

Well, I did not get into the May Crafty Wonderland sale, but to my great surprise, I was not disappointed. After about thirty seconds of feeling sad, I started imagining ways to make my storybook covers better (something I was kind of rushing for the May sale).

This is a big change for me. In the past, I always said that rejection didn’t bother me. However, the reality was this: I rarely, if ever, sent essays to magazines or websites for publication. And, if I did manage to get some work out there and then receive a rejection, I’d shrug it off like I didn’t care. Then, without consciously noticing it, I’d stop writing for a while, sometimes months, after getting the rejection.

Obviously, it did bother me, and it might have had less impact if I’d just admitted that it hurt.

So, not getting into the May sale hurt, but not much, and here’s why: YOU!

Seriously. As I sat there, quite proud of myself for getting right back on that horse, so to speak, I wondered where the resilience came from. And then I heard it, a chorus of cheerful voices: “Yay! Way to go! These are really cool! So clever! I can’t wait to see this!”

I posted “Go Big or Not at All,” to make myself feel accountable. I’d been sitting on some projects, afraid to move forward, so I posted my goals thinking I’d feel obligated to follow through since I’d told you all I would.

Instead, something completely unexpected happened. You all sent me the loveliest of messages filled with enthusiasm, support, and total faith that I can make this happen. I was speechless about it for days, and I continue to re-read your comments, even tote them around with me when I visit printers to ask for estimates (something that felt intimidating at first).

These voices came to me after my brief sadness and buoyed my spirits, making the rejection from the craft show just that: one rejection from one place. I didn’t lose faith in the entire project.

This new way of being creative feels like I shifted from sludging my way through thick water to practically walking on top of it. I still have doubts and reservations, but they last only briefly.

So, onward I go. While continuing to work out technicalities of the storybooks, I’ll be blogging in April about what happens when creative people practice their craft daily.

Putting one foot in front of the other — one foot in front of the other — one foot in front of the other — …

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3 Responses to Going Big: an update

  1. heatherseattle says:

    This entire post makes me so happy i’m tearing up a little. And still remain anxious to purchase! šŸ™‚ xoxo

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