How to Practice Your Craft Every Day and What Rewards You’ll Reap

When an aspiring writer asks an accomplished author for advice, they’re often told: “Write every day.”  The problem is, I’ve tried this off-and-on for at least a decade, and it never worked — until I bothered to ask why.

Whether you’re a musician, writer, visual artist, or even a dancer or athlete, daily practice unlocks amazing potential — if you stick with it.

Blogging from A to Z April 2015 Theme Reveal:
*** how to practice your craft every day and what rewards you’ll reap ***

Starting July 2014 I tried one last time to commit to daily writing. I stuck with it and finally see how daily practice ignites all kinds of magic. I’ve gained skills and confidence, clarified project goals, developed bigger and better ideas, and connected with other creatives.

So, I will be blogging about:  How artists can practice their craft daily and the many rewards that follow.

Thanks to A-to-Z April Challenge, I will use the 26 letters of the alphabet to organize what I’ve learned and share it in short posts Monday-through-Saturday each week of April.

If you’re a creative of any type (music, visual art, writing, dance, theatre) or if you have a craft/sport/activity that you practice, I am eager to learn from your experiences. If you have time to comment or email me your thoughts, I will be grateful.

Thank you for reading!




I write and illustrate stationery, cards, customized snail mail (yes, you can receive handwritten and illustrated letters in your mail!!), coloring books, and more. My business name is "Carrot Condo." After teaching English for 15 years (gasp!), I am now a full-time parent and part-time artist slowly, but steadily, building a creative business and life. You can read more at or see my products at Thanks for your interest and support!!
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15 Responses to How to Practice Your Craft Every Day and What Rewards You’ll Reap

  1. Alex Hurst says:

    Looks fun. I know I could use some advice to get my butt back in the chair and motivated to write more than when I simply feel like writing. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in April!

    Alex Hurst, A Fantasy Author in Kyoto
    Out of Print, Fiction authors and their shorts

    A-Z Blogging in April Participant

  2. thefroglady says:

    Can’t wait to learn from your experience in April!

  3. jerralea says:

    I’ve been wanting to develop the habit of writing every day so your posts sound like a good way to motivate me. I’ll be back!

    • tristac says:

      Oh, good! You can be honest with me and let me know if you find my advice helpful. I’m sharing all that I learned from finally sticking with daily practice, and I’d love to hear what other creatives have experienced.

  4. Rose L. says:

    I commend you for continuing in your endeavors! I used to write almost daily but life sometimes becomes a barrier. Things that are emotional can make it so difficult to write, even though those are the things which can be good writing! Maybe you will want to attend CCC’s writing workshops!! I am told they are having sign-ups soon!

    • tristac says:

      Hi, Rose! My friend Robin and I are teaching two workshops at the CCC conference–one on meditation and writing, and one on food writing. I hope we manage to run into you there!!

  5. Looks like an extremely helpful topic… I’ll look forward to your A to Z posts!

  6. Tarkabarka says:

    Sounds like something I sorely need! 🙂 I’ll be back in April!

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary – Epics from A to Z
    MopDog – The crazy thing about Hungarians…

  7. LOVE this theme!! I’m doing “Writing” as my theme this year, hoping to get some great conversations going on various topics. I agree with you 100% in that daily practice yields amazing results. I’m loving your writing and look forward to following your posts next month and reading more!! 🙂

    • tristac says:

      Thanks, Christina. I’ll be sure to follow your blog in April as well. Have you ever struggled with writing daily, or has it come naturally to you? It did NOT come naturally to me for at least a decade, but now, I’m in the groove and determined to stay here.

      • No way! Writing daily is something I constantly struggle with. That was the biggest challenge for me last April, the routine of daily writing. I’ve always been more of a purge-writer; whenever I’m inspired I’ll spend hours upon hours, sometimes a full weekend, binge writing. While I get a ton of great writing out this way, I also burn myself out. I have found that I need to pace myself, so to speak. Writing in smaller chunks daily ensures that a) I don’t crash and burn, b) my creative juices are always flowing, and c) I’m always producing SOMETHING, vs nothing during my “burn out” periods. I KNOW this is a more productive way of writing for me, but it is still a struggle sticking with it.

        The challenge helps get you back in the groove, that’s for sure! I go through periods in which I stick with writing daily, and periods where life gets in the way, I get busy or burned out, and step away for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. I’m hoping this April will push me back into that habit and this time, it sticks! 🙂

  8. tristac says:

    Yes, the marathon versus the sprint method. Funny, I was a sprinter in high school, but I’m trying to live all of life more like a marathoner, well, what I imagine of a marathon runner–pace, pace, pace. For me, the daily practice has added up to more total work getting done and better work because I don’t fall so far out of shape. Well, this gives me even more to write about in April. Great to be having this conversation with you!

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