A Swift Kick In The Pants

Monday morning, right when I woke up, I checked my email. I never do this. It’s too jarring, especially if there’s stressful news. But, for some reason, I did it Monday morning and immediately had a stomach ache.

As you know, I want to sell my Storybooks You Can Color at Portland’s Crafty Wonderland sale. I applied last year and ended up glad I did not get in because I was not ready. I planned to apply for this year’s winter sale, and assumed applications would be due in October.

Wrong. Here’s what I read right when I woke up:

Apply Now for the
2015 Super Colossal Holiday

Don’t wait too long!
Applications are due September 8th!”

Crafty Wonderland banner

I was not even out of bed when I texted my husband the news: ” I don’t know if I can do it?!?!?”

My guy calmed me down and rallied my resolve. We charted out dates when my books should be back from the printer (although, I’m already a day late delivering them); and how much time we’ll have to take photos for the website (not much); and how we’ll make them as good as possible (smart phone and … lots of re-dos? I was a good photographer when it involved film and a dark room.).

By Monday afternoon, my stomach ache had gone away, and I’d accomplished more in a few hours than maybe ever in my lifetime before this. I even baked four loaves of zucchini bread because my toddler would NOT take a nap, and it’s not like I can do the delicate work of scanning and layout with him requesting “Up? Up?” to be on my lap every other minute. (Although that’s exactly what I did today because there was simply no other way.)

This all felt a lot safer in my daydreams, but the sudden due date provided the kick in the pants I didn’t even know I needed.

So, hang onto your hats everyone. If all goes well, I will be telling you soon about a launch party, a website, the results of the Crafty Wonderland application, and the date of my Etsy shop opening.

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4 Responses to A Swift Kick In The Pants

  1. Solveig says:

    I wish you best of luck! Don’t let that due date paralyse you.

  2. Amy Daileda says:

    Good Luck Trista! I can’t wait to see the Etsy shop! Let me know if I can help.

  3. Rose L. says:

    Good luck and don’t become discouraged! You know, you can join us all at Chrysalis every Weds from noon to 2 pm. Great support and helpful feedback!

  4. Cristina says:

    Wishing you a world of luck and good fortune on your Etsy launch — go get ’em, Trista!

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