…she wanted to stay and color.

Oh my gosh, dear Blog Readers–I did not mean to stop writing for a whole month, but the funny thing is: I’ve been writing to you in my head these last few weeks.

Yes, I write to you in my head, telling you about the things happening in my creative life. And so much has happened! I’m going to start with the best part. Look at this!!!!!

IMG_0997This is the VERY FIRST storybook I’ve seen colored!!!!! I can’t begin to describe just how deeply rewarding and inspiring it was to see this.

After a year of writing, illustrating, and finally printing these books, I’ve been imagining how others might color these scenes, how they might interpret the characters, what they might add to the story.

I didn’t realize that seeing the first page colored would feel so personal. It’s like the books did not feel complete until now.

But it’s even more than that. A story came along with the picture of the colored page:

B who is 6 came to spend the day with me and I got [the storybooks] out first thing and we colored for about 1 hr and then went to the park.  In the afternoon she couldn’t wait to get back home to do more coloring and when her mom came to pick her up she wanted to stay and color and almost started crying  (she’s not a crier at all).

At this point, I said aloud, “I’m not a crier either!” even though I choked back tears as I said it. B’s babysitter continued:

Anyway, they were a real hit with B  AND with me.  I love the pictures and I love the story.  B‘s favorite was “The Weirdest Things Happen At Our House!” and my favorite is “Follow Your Heart”  That is truly a message we need to hear even when we are 60!

Oh you guys … have I come close to describing just how thrilled I am? Even though I’ve never met B and I wasn’t there to see her color, I feel like the two of us are collaborating, like my books will finally feel finished and truly successful once read, interpreted, and colored by others.

There was another picture sent with the message of B coloring. It was like looking at my 6-year-old self. B’s sitting at a table, crayons spread in a half-circle around her, hunched over one of my books in such total absorption that her tongue is sticking out a little.

Sigh. This adventure has been so worth it. Thank you for being a part of it. I have a lot more to share with you. As of today, I’m back on track to posting on Fridays, but some of them might be on my storybook website instead. I’ll let you know.

Storybook website: http://carrotcondo.com
Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CarrotCondo

(The page pictured is from “Follow Your Heart, Trista Gay!

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6 Responses to …she wanted to stay and color.

  1. Ange says:

    What a sweet review!

  2. Solveig says:

    You truly deserve this Trista! Congratulations!!

  3. Solveig says:

    Trista, I went over to carrotcondo but it still has wordpress dot com in the domain, I think you just have to go into your settings and change it so that the new domain is the primary one (it’s under domains) oh and feel free to delete my message, I just thought it would be good to let you know.

  4. Alex Hurst says:

    That’s so awesome! How wonderful and fun! 😀 That little girl did some great coloring, too! EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! So happy for you, Trista. I’m glad that the best part of the process is coming to you, now. ^_^

  5. Deb N says:

    Love, love! Happy for you!!!

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