thank you bouquet


Dear Kitchen-Sink Readers — Thank you for following my blog all these years, especially those of you who found me on my original Blogger platform. I’ve decided I need to focus my creative efforts, and I’m no longer updating All But The Kitchen Sink. If you’re still interested in reading my stories (And I’m grateful if you are!), I’ll be writing at Carrot Condo ( Of course I’d love to see you there. Thank you, and much appreciation to all of you!! –TRISTA



I write and illustrate stationery, cards, customized snail mail (yes, you can receive handwritten and illustrated letters in your mail!!), coloring books, and more. My business name is "Carrot Condo." After teaching English for 15 years (gasp!), I am now a full-time parent and part-time artist slowly, but steadily, building a creative business and life. You can read more at or see my products at Thanks for your interest and support!!
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1 Response to thank you bouquet

  1. Cristina says:

    Enjoyed All But the Kitchen Sink over the years and glad to see how happy you are over at Carrot Condo. Congrats, Trista!

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